Personalised Knowledge Management

Interragate's unique software not only understands the meaning of information held on a network of computers but also keeps track of peoples' knowledge and is able to learn from them.

It understands an individual's preferences, analyses their areas of expertise and can pro-actively ask the right person for information that it cannot find elsewhere.

Some of the many benefits are:

Suppliers can ensure that the information they provide to their customers is what they want and only what they want, while improving on customer satisfaction and loyalty at a reduced cost?

Employers can ensure that each employee gets the information they need to do their job, quickly and efficiently thus maximising the value of the information and knowledge within their organisation?

Individuals can find the information that they want, wherever it is stored, irrespective of whether that information is in a document, a file, a database, held by a knowledge expert, on an intranet or on the web?

Unique Features
Powerful Semantic Search
using our unique Hedge Technology
Adaptive Personal Profiler
learns through use
Extracts knowledge from Experts
and knows who to ask
Integrates with other systems
handles most data sources

Exapia Enterprise is a highly configurable corporate solution for personalised knowledge management.

Exapia Web is an intelligent website search, making the navigation of a website samrt and easy.

With Exapia users can search and retrieve information they want, when they want it irrespective of the platform and underlying document format. The search process is based on plain English interrogation, backed up by a unique interactive query process. What is more, the system learns from use and automatically asks experts in your domain to answer questions to which it doesn't know the answer, thus learning new information from them.

In the jargon of our industry, Exapia is a personalised knowledge management system. Personalised knowledge management (PdKM) is the application of unique expert adaptive software combined with powerful semantic search capability to enable a user to build a profile of their interests.

By building this personalised profile, each and every interaction with the system teaches it more, and ensures that future requests for information gives results that are wholly relevant, as though the user had their own computerised personal assistant doing the work for them. The more you use Exapia the smarter it gets.

At the heart of the Exapia product is a unique artificial intelligence system based upon Bayesian probability theory and on our proprietary Hedge technology. Bayesian Networks are pre-eminent in searching unstructured text, such as you find in an article or report, and gives the system an understanding of the meaning of normal language. The Hedge technology guesses what you mean, even if your query is ambiguous.

Exapia can find what you want when you don't really know how to ask the question.

Furthermore, because humans get it wrong or ask questions differently, Exapia can cope with spelling mistakes, synonyms, homonyms and even txt'ing to name but a few.